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Order Personalized Paver Bricks

To complete the job of the refurbishment of the Hawthorne Station and see the buildings exterior returned to its former glory, we need to do more fund raising.

By purchasing pavers you will be en­hancing the future of a building that has seen so much of the past and has many stories to tell generations to come. The paver bricks will be part of the walking path that leads to the station. Click brick at right to enlarge.

Hawthorne station restoration

We're working on the NYS&W New Jersey Haw­thorne sta­tion restor­ation Saturdays on a regular basis. We need to work around the out­side of the building doing lots of different things.

At left is the station with exterior resto­ration, painting, gutters & landscaping completed.

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Our core values

Our mission is to raise funds for the restoration and preservation of and awareness about historic railroad right of way, rolling stock and other related items. Also to educate the public through our many events about the history and future need for railroad operations.

As a group we get involved in the operation of all sorts of railroad related projects. We run passenger trains, own and operate six motor cars and lease and maintain the historic New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad Hawthorne New Jersey station. We are heavily involved in the creation of the future New Jersey Transportation Museum through our membership in the NJ based United Railroad Historical Society. We ask that our members get involved.

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Membership Meetings

Quarterly, 3 rd Thursday - 7 pm Meeting in Haw­thorne station.

All are wel­come – new member prospects as well. Enter­tainment program directly fol­lows the meeting.

Presenter may bring up to 25 slides.

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