On June 3 rd we had our 20′ storage barn delivered to Johnson, NY on the M&NJ. We will use the container to store our two motor cars, giving us all a better chance to get out and ride / clear the out of service portion of the M&NJ. We would like to thank Pete and Harold of the M&NJ for allowing us to place the container on their property. The container sits on the old mill siding and with a little switch work we should be able to drive our cars in and out with ease. We have done this to allow any qualified member the chance to go out on the rails when ever they would like to. Our plan is to try and set up work parties each week and have regular times that qualified members will be there. To become qualified you must pass the NARCOA test as well as a road test. But don’t worry the test is easy and set up to make sure we are all safe. To become trained on the operations just come out to one of our many days of operating and we will put you in the seat.