On October 21, K.C. Smith, Joe Weber & Paul Trabert went to Westown, NY to try and remove the dirt covering the tracks just south of Route 1 in Westown. We took along a small tractor with a plow on the front end which was supplied by Steve Weiss. After making very little progress moving dirt and rocks, we only managed to uncover about ten feet of track. It was conceded that we would have to come back at a later date with something larger if we want to make any real progress. At noon, we all went to the deli on route 22 and purchased lunch. We then took the Woodings motor car for a spin from Johnson to Westown and back while we ate our lunch. Upon return to Johnson, some maintenance was done on the Fairmont motor car. Many Thanks to Steve Weiss for the use of the tractor.

Digging out in Westown