We had a large group on hand for today’s work session. The party, lead by Bill Smith, included Allison Smith, Larry Ten Hoeve, Frank Eichenlaub, Alan Alloco, Charles Smith, Brian Parr from the M&NJ, several folks from Casey’s Camera and Bruce Koenig, our newest member. We began at the car barn in Johnson NY after 10 AM. Frank brought the motorcar he just purchased from the Black River & Western RR, a Fairmont originally from the Wabash. Despite repeated attempts, it refused to idle (nothing a little TLC won’t fix). The decision was made to leave the tool car and have the Woodings haul Frank’s motorcar, as we would need the extra seats. Lead by Brian’s Dodge Omni, we headed south. Along the way Brian felled nearly a dozen trees. The group cleared the under brush accumulated over the past year. We reached Westtown by 1 PM and broke for lunch. The weather began to turn, the sky darkened and the wind picked up considerably after lunch. Thankfully, the rain held up and we were able to continue southward. We crossed over Route 1 and rolled over the newly unearthed section of track behind the Westtown Bakery. This was a first for me! It was rough going from this point as there were many downed trees blocking the line. I’m guessing last year’s hurricane finished off several of them. We stopped for a few pictures about 100 yards north of Langlitz Road. Brian posed the Omni on a small bridge. According to the map, the railroad is crossing Rutgers Creek.

We reached Langlitz Road by 5 PM and decided to call it a day as the first drops of rain fell. Brian put the tires back on the Omni and headed back via the highway. We reached the car barn by 5:30 PM and posed for a group photo. Some of the group made a quick run to Slate Hill before calling it a day.

MNJ workday Sunday, April 2, 2000