On Sunday, May 7th, 2000 a large group went up to Westown NY to help finish off the filling of the washout south of Westown. Included in the party were (alphabetically) Allen Alloco, Marie Bartiromo, Jim Conklin, Walter Conklin, Frank Eichenlaub, Scott Samuel, Mark Schmitt, Gregg Seuss, Bill Smith, Charles Smith, K. C. Smith and Paul Trabert. The Woodings & the Fairmont were pressed into service as well as Frank’s Fairmont. The dump truck on tool car was brought down from Johnson and rerailed at Westown.

We then shoveled dirt from a pile left over from the breakthrough which was piled alongside the track and ferried it down to the washout. On the first return trip the dump truck/tool car derailed at an out of gauge rail and had to be rerailed. After 4 or 5 trips, we managed to fill the washout completely. This added about 2 more non-revenue ton-miles to our VRA operating statistics. After that we took the three motor cars south of Langlitz Road to inspect another washout which was discovered recently. This one measures about 20 feet long just below the rails and is about seven feet deep in the middle. This one will most likely be fixed with a bridge constructed using tree trunks and ties. On our way back to Westown we spotted a large turtle in the middle of the tracks just south of Westown. We carefully picked it up and moved it outside the rails so we would not injure it. As the motor cars passed the turtle, it snapped at our wheels. All equipment was returned to Johnson NY.

One washout filled – Another discovered