The following are 4 new rules that we have instituted for the operation of motor cars on the M&NJ.

1. The operation of motor cars on the M&NJ will not start until after 8 AM and will not end later than 8 PM or one half hour before sunset, which ever is more restrictive. The only exception is in the case of break down.

2. When stopping at any location for more than a few minutes all cars must be shut down.

3. When returning to Johnson to put the cars away or back on a trailer, all cars must be shut down prior to crossing Rt. 22 or reaching the container siding switch, depending on which way you are headed. All cars are to be pushed into the container or onto a trailer.

4.The excessive use the horn is prohibited at any time. Special note: The use of air horns around homes or cattle is prohibited except in the case of emergency.

We are instituting these rules so we can continue to enjoy our time on the M&NJ. Remember, the best rule to keep in mind at all times is to be smart and to be a good neighbor.