On Saturady, July 29, 2000 we made our initial assault on the Sparta station. On hand were (in alphabetical order) John Bazelwich, Dean Coupland, Jeff MacDuff, Charles Smith, K. C. Smith and Paul Trabert. First order of business was to mark the two monitoring wells and the open pit with bright orange stakes as hazards. Next we trimmed the brush around the trees closest to the station so we could get close enough to cut them down.We managed to remove enough trees from both ends of the station so that we can get a clear view of both ends as well as the front and back of the building. While we were out to lunch a local resident from Station Road came by and mowed the lawn with his riding mower. During the afternoon several people stopped by to inquire about our work and they were given a tour of the site and an explanation of our goals. Lunch was a barbeque at the house of Charles and Tina Smith in Lake Hopatcong. Many thanks to all who came to help out and a special thanks to the local resident with the riding mower.

Initial Sparta Cleanup