April 29, 2001
Friday, April 27 was Arbor Day and we celebrated by planting quite a number of White Pine trees at the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians(PRRH) site as a growth measure for the future NJ Transportation Heritage Center to be located about 3 blocks away. On hand were John Bores, Bill McKelvey, Bill Pensul, Dick Ray, Charles Roselius, Bill Smith, K. C. Smith, Paul Trabert, Pete Turp, Chris Vitz, Joe Weber, Matt Winter & Steve Winter. After planting the trees we all visited the PRRH engine house to see the Public Service trolley #2651 and then headed to Joe’s Steak Stop for lunch. After lunch we headed to the pump house for a grand tour of the grounds and some re stacking of rubberized ties piled alongside the pump house. Many thanks to all who helped out.

Arbor Day in Phillipsburg