September 28, 2002
On Sunday, July 14,2002 the M&NJ Historical Society held their annual picnic. The M&NJ RR had both the #2 in current paint and the #1 in the old black and white as well as the NYS&W caboose. The #1 was lettered M&NJ on one side and at the picnic they lettered the other side Middletown and Unionville. Once again VRA members and others preceded the train in motor cars as it went from Middletown to Slate Hill NY. Motor car rides were given to anyone wishing a ride. At the end of the day, some motor cars followed the train back to Middletown NY chased by a number of railfans looking for historical photo opportunities. This is probably the last picnic since the M&NJ no longer has any customers outside of Middletown NY.

M&NJ Historical Society annual picnic