October 8, 2002
The VRA hosted another set of motor car trips. On Saturday Sep 21st, 2002 we had 39 cars heading west from Butler, NJ. Stops were made at Sparta mountain to take in the view and at Sparta, NJ station for a barbecue lunch and a chance to view the restoration efforts of the Sparta Station Foundation. Cars then proceeded to Pelton Road and then backed to the Baird’s Farm to turn around. At Butler the motor cars were put into the yard and chained down for the night. On Sunday Sep 22nd we headed east with 35 cars. A stop was made at Hawthorne, NJ for relief and a final orientation before heading into Paterson, NJ. The ride through Paterson went very smooth with lots of residents stopping to look and wave back to us. The next stop was Ridgefield Park, NJ for lunch. After lunch we all went into Little Ferry for a chance for all cars to turned on the turntable before heading back to Butler, NJ. Once again the trips went very fast due to our teams of flaggers. Special thanks to Paul Trabert, John Schmidt, Chris Vitz, Matt Posthumus, Charley Roselius, Charles and Tina Smith, Bill Derringer, Wayne Johnson, Mark Schmitt, Joe Weber, Bill Nelson, Paul Quadri and Allison Smith for their valuable help.

NARCOA Motor Car Trips on the Susquehanna