November 2, 2002
A group of enthusiastic volunteers descended on Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ to help with the CNJ Festival sponsored by the United Railway Historical Society and the National Park Service. The group included Charles Smith, Charlie Roselius, Dick Ray, Joe Mele, Frank Eichenlaub, Mark Schmitt, Chris & Tim Shearer and Chris Vitz. Saturday, October 26 was setup day. Tables and chairs were set up for vendors. Historic artifacts were taken from storage for display. The Park Service then took all volunteers to lunch at a nearby restaurant. After lunch a 7.5 inch guage miniature train was assembled and tested by all volunteers. On Sunday, October 27th K.C. Smith joined the group. The group helped direct people to all activities and took turns giving kids of all ages rides on our motor cars and the miniature train. John Sanders was on hand with his 1968 Chevrolet Corvair convertible representing that era of CRRNJ operations. Inside his front end trunk was some luggage from the period lent by Paul Trabert. At the end of the festival all volunteers were invited to take a free ferry ride around lower Manhattan. Many thanks to all those who participated.