July 29, 2003
On July 29, Dick Ray, Charlie Roselius, Larry Ten Hoeve, and myself cut some more brush up on the M&NJ. The weather was beautiful. We arrived at the car barn at 8 am and did some minor work to get the brush cutter ready. We left started mowing right around 9 am. Heading north and using both the sickle bar and rotary mower we had no problems, other than the thick grass and weeds growing in the farm field south of Slate Hill.

We reached Slate Hill around 10:30 and decided to continue north until 11 am. We were able to continue mowing north all the way to Janie’s (McBride Road?) We turned the car just north of the crossing using our portable turntable.

Right at the appointed 11:00 am time we were already heading south. At Slate Hill we ran into a little snag with out rotary mower, but with some ingenuity and luck got it running again. The farm field was tough on the return trip too but we managed to get through it. About halfway between Lime Kiln Road and Johnson the A-5 decided to overheat. We figure it must be some of the cuttings that got passed our screens and got caught in the radiator are impeding the flow. After a few minutes that engine had cooled enough to continue back to the barn. We got back to Johnson exactly at 1 pm.

This was by far our best day of mowing, we cut about six miles total without any mechanical breakdowns. (From Chris V)

M&NJ Work Report