August 8, 2003
The VRA is pleased to announce the return of their popular NYS&W trip plus an extra day to go along with the weekend on the Middletown and New Jersey Railroad out of Middletown, NY. This is a very fitting addition to our NYS&W trip as it will cover tracks that were once part of the NYS&W and in fact were the rails that were the NY in the NYS&W. This is also the line that the VRA has been working on for many years to reopen and keep open for motor car usage on the lower 8 miles or so. The M&NJ gave up running all but 1 mile of the RR last year and now we take care of about 12 miles. This run will be over rails that in some places have not felt the wheel of train in over 30 years, and has 7 crossings paved over, but was once part of a through route to the Great Lakes. Due to track condition and the paved over crossings we must limit the size of the cars to those able to be man handled by their operators and crew and caution everyone that even with all the work we have done, there a places along the way that you may encounter low hanging trees and brush as well as uneven track, wide or tight gauge and missing ties. So for a little adventure, why not add a day to your weekend and join us as we take a ride on the M&NJ. I have attached 2 flyers that you can fill out and send back or e-mail back if you are using your credit card.

Hope you can join us,
K.C. Smith
Operations VP

Two motor car trips in October