September 6, 2003
We put brackets on the A5 that Pete made for us that carries the rails for the turntable. We now need a second set as one rail will be on each side. This day we carried both rails on the same side. Dick got a new belt for the rotary which we put on. We mowed south and got as far as Langlitz Road which we didn’t cross. A few hundred feet north of there we found a spot to turn the car and we did that with no real problem.

We crossed Ford Lea with out a problem and crossed Orange County 1 at Westown OK, but the weeds were taller then a man and the mower had difficulty. The new belt was loose and kept coming off so we put the old one with a bad gouge in it back on and it ran OK. Had to make multiple passes. The sickle bar ran OK but we must have damaged the first two teeth which had to be readjusted several times. The going was really hard for both machines. We let the jungle grow too long this year. I gave Chris a break on running the sickle bar and he ran the car while Dick was walking behind lopping and clearing the sickle bar when it got clogged. That is when the bees got him. (Chris, my arms are sore today from wrestling with the sickle bar.)

It is going to be a rough run for the motor cars when they come down from Middletown for the meet in October. I can’t see then getting past the Waterloo Road crossing. Where will the cars be turned? Back up to Langlitz Road and turn on the pavement? There is good visibility there and not much traffic. Just a thought.

I hope the bee bites are better today Dick and Chris. (from Charley R)

Work day on M&NJ RR