BR&W work report
June 17th, 2004
A work drill was held on the BR&W yesterday. Charley, myself, Dick Ray & Craig got to Ringos at 8:30 where we met up with Al Eliott and his MT-14. After checking in with the yard office we drove down to the Farmers crossing where we set the car on. It was decided to split up and Dick and Charley were set off to work with the brush cutter and lopers while the car, Al, Craig and Myself motorcar’d up to the big log blocking travel north. To everyone’s surprise, we found that the tree had already been cut and the way was clear (sort off) to get to Boss Road and beyond. After coming back to meet the ground crew, we worked on the heavier cedar type growth which would disable the A-5’s sickle bar if attempted. After a while, it was decided to work north of Boss Road as that would be the area used for giving rides in an up coming railfan day. At Boss Road, we found KC who had been waiting there. The line was prepared for A-5 cutting north of Boss Road to the stored passenger cars blocking the line at the yard limit point. After breaking for lunch, KC left and the crew continued cutting heavy brush north of the farm crossing until 3:00. Another day of heavy ground based cutting is needed before the A-5 can be used. (from Pete Stagg)

BR&W work report 6-17-2004