M&NJ Work Day Report
Thursday, July 22, 2004
Today Pete, Charley, Larry Will and I went to Johnson to do some maintenance and testing. Larry brought the fitted seat cushions which are a big help, and I finally managed to get the oil changed in the A5. Others serviced the MT19 which needed engine and transmission oil, as well as a lot of gas. We made some tuning adjustments on the rotary as well. I brought lumber and made a new pair of thinner blocks for the turntable.

Since it was only 10 AM at that point we decided to test the machines by mowing north. We had three hours available and used half of it getting to the crossing a quarter mile below Slate Hill, where we turned. ON the way back the sickle bar had a weld fail below the cornfield so that machine was shut down. Rotary mowing continued to Johnson, with our crew of six, counting Max (big dog) sitting up front watching out for groundhogs.

Our single side sander worked well again and we consumed a half gallon of sand, really bigger grit, in the six miles today. Got through the cornfield with no hassle at all for the first time. No pushing was needed except for when we stopped on no sand. (from Dick Ray)

M&NJ Work Day Report 7-22-2004