BR&W Work Day Report
Friday, October 01, 2004
Today was a good day although it did not happen the way we expected. There were two cabooses in the way at Ringoes preventing us from getting the mower car out. So we did the needed repairs which should have taken a half hour. They did not!

After the sickle bar engine was repaired last week we had to only start it up today and adjust the throttle control. For some reason the throttle worked backward! A lot of puzzled looks because it had worked fine for the last year. Fortunately, Craig persisted and finally saw what was wrong, followed by fixing it. The sickle bar is now ready to go. Charley installed the repaired ramp bracket while all this was going on, and Pete took care of the water pump lubrication which had not been done in recorded history.

One last minor task was to clean both fuel bowls to avoid dirt in the carb again. This simple task got complicated when we discovered the brand new assembly had a gasket that had swelled up to the point it could not be re-installed. Again the magician Craig came to the rescue by going into the engine-house, finding appropriate material, cutting two new gaskets, and getting the bowl to seal once more.

For once the entire machine is ready to go mowing.

Since we could not get it out of the yard, we drove to Lambertville and cut the remaining brush below Coreyell St. We hauled out three large pickup loads of brush and dumped them farther north. By 2 PM we were done and exhausted once again. (OK, I was exhausted. Charley, Craig and Pete looked slightly better. ) Craig had gotten the small VRA saw repaired and it worked very well.

In summary the day did not go as planned, but was a productive day anyway. (from Dick Ray)

BR&W Work Day Report