Fri Oct 22, 2004
Thank you all for your participation, positive comments and recomendations for future events. If you would like to express your appreciation to Walter Rich, do so at the following address: Mr. Walter Rich, New York Susquehanna and Western Railway, 1 Railroad Ave, Cooperstown, NY 13326. I would suggest emphasizing the positive personal and historic aspects of the trip as well as the positive aspects of the NYS&W i.e how the track we were riding on was defunct 20 years ago and now it is welded rail. (From Steve Weiss).

I talked to alot of people on the run and what people are saying is this run is the best run in N.J. and look for more runs on this railroad and the ones that I did talk to said it was great to see the Western part and the Eastern part and go though Peterson. I also had a rider with me on Saturday who was a real old time Susquehanna man, Mr. Fredericks who Dad and Grandad worked in the Oak Ridge Station and he also did work for his Dad and the Railroad there. Mr. Fredericks is 91 years old now. It was great to hear the stories he said as we moved alone. (From-Larry Ten Hoeve)

My dad and I would like to thank everyone for putting on such a great weekend. It was our first time out doing anything with the VRA, and I must say that it was a great, positive experience. I too noticed K.C.’s management of the whole event was unwavering. This weekend was a great exposure to the railroad in a much more in-depth way than just railfanning. Taking pictures from afar is one thing, but taking pictures in a private railyard certainly feels privileged. While I don’t know if purchasing a speeder is in the future for me, I can certainly say that more volunteer sessions with the VRA are. Thanks for a really great opportunity this past weekend, for some great memories and great company. (from Mike Goralski)

Ditto all the great remarks. I also wish to thank everyone involved for a great weekend. Traveling in the rain and night certainly added to the experience. I beleive it was Charlie (and maybe others) that had a lantern, this was a tremendous help in seeing the grade crossing in advance with the appropriate signaling. Thanks again. (from Will and Debbie Hookway).

Thanks to all who made this trip a pleasure, organizers, flaggers, co-ordinators, the NYSW crew, etc. In spite of problems with our car, we still had a great time with the whole group! Can’t wait till the next run!! Thanks again! (from Craig W. Hartman)

Also thanks to you KC for handling the logistics of the flagging operation. You were working between two radios and the cell phone keeping track of things on Sunday. How in the world did you do that AND run the car on Saturday? (from Chris Vitz)

Everyone, Curt already beat me to be the first but I will certainly not be the last to say THANKS. Everyone who helped out this weekend and the weeks leading up to it deserve a big round of applause. We all did a great job and should be proud of it. The flaggers again were the best, you guys made it all possible. We could never do this run in the time we do it in if it were not for you, a million thanks. To Steve, Mark, Bill, Paul, Joe, Dick, Chris great job, Curt was right with all the possible problems and the way they were handled great job. And lastly to the people who came out and paid to take part in our event, thanks, with out you and your kind words none of this would matter. Looking forward to next time. (from KC).

I wanted to be the first to thank Steve, KC and the others who worked behind the scenes to make the trip this weekend such a great event. Despite some definite challenges that made for long days and potential for short fuses I heard nothing but good comments in my circles. And to all who flagged the weekend I cannot thank you enough. It certainly made it possible to travel farther and have more time for “sight seeing”. And who ever arranged for the “welcome committee” in Paterson at trackside that was a great touch. The hobo theme made it very realistic. Again a hearty thanks to all involved. (from Curt Springstead)