Fri Nov 12, 2004
Well, the weather and the timing finally cooperated, and the MOW Gang headed out yesterday to do our final work for the year on the BRW. Instead of going north as planned, we were asked to go south by Rod, Chief MO of the BRW. After having some motive power moved along with some cars, we headed south to do some maintenance. With Charley, Chris, Dick, Pete and myself on board we cleared past the station, and on south to 1/4 mile of the EOL. We were followed by a boy on a bicycle who looks like he might be our next volunteer when he gets older, he certainly had plenty of questions and interest!

Looks like with the BRW’s cooperation, we could have a nice excursion in the spring with just minor cleanup beforehand. The south EOL has a hardpack gravel crossing for turnaround, a park area, and RESTROOMS, can you believe it? The town is very nice, and has plenty of shops, restaurants and the like for the ones who enjoy these things, and I feel would be a nice day for everybody.

After turning the A5, we headed back north, sickle bar cutting what needed to be cut. We arrived back at Ringoes, and loaded the A5 on the trailer. All in all a good day, now to get ready for next year! Thanks to Rod from the BRW, the BRW and those who participated! See ya on the rails! (from Craig W. Hartman)

BRW MOW Day from Craig