#5639 	From: VRA Inc
Date: Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:00 pm
Subject: Boonton work day Saturday April 24th 


  A bunch of people are getting together and going to Boonton Yard to do some work
on Saturday at about 9am and ending in the early afternoon.  Some of the work that
needs to get done includes cutting down some trees and clearing some brush so the
fence can be built in a few weeks.  We also have work that needs to be done to our
A5 (get the fuel tank and radiator out so they can be repaired or replaced, plus
work on the mower and sickle bar).  In addition there is always work to do on the
various URHS equipment under restoration.  If you have a few hours please stop
down and make sure you check in with someone as you enter the yard so we know who
is there.

Boonton work day Saturday April 24th