From: VRA Inc

Date: Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:04 pm

Subject: Craig

Everyone, I was speaking with Shirley Hartman the other night and she told me that Craig was in the hospital after being diagnosed with Diabetes. As many of us know Craig has been battling flu like symptoms for a while along with an injury that would not heal. He went to the doctors recently, with Shirley’s “encouragement” and found out that his sugar count was extremely high, so high in fact that the doctor put him in the hospital. He is on the way to getting things under control and should be just fine, although with a big change in diet. He is not up to visitors at this time but when he is I will let you know. I would like to send him a get well package when he gets home based on the diet that he is given, to help him on his way to controlling the disease. I am sure that cards or letters wishing him well will go a long way to making him feel better. KC

Craig’s health