The work party consisting of Chris Vitz, Steve Gerritsen, Charles Smith and I cleared the weeds and long grass on the station grounds today. All the long grass within the perimeter of the station’s new footprint was cut by Steve. Meanwhile Chris, Charles and I cleared out the weeds around the station. Chris and Charles staked out the station’s new footprint using site plans and measurements of the station. There are spikes in the ground along with wooden poles marking the new foundation’s location.

It was an extremely productive morning and the site looks a lot better. With the marker poles in place, it is now much easier to visualize the station’s new location.

I’d like to thank Steve for the use of his power equipment, Chris for his engineering expertise, and Charles for his ceaseless dedication to the VRA’s projects. Reality is starting to settle in, and the station move is getting closer and closer.

Jon Berkemeyer  6/12/2010 02:27 PM

Station Work Party Report June-12-2010