Over the years I have many times written about how busy we were or how many things we needed to do, but the last 3 months and the next 6 months will make all of those times look like we were standing still. With the work we have and will  continue to do at the station, the 2 weekends of  motorcar trips we ran in September and October, our upcoming Santa Trains on December 4th, and the planning and running of our Easter Trains next spring, we are all going to need to step it up a few notches.

We have had a few new members join us in the last month or so and we are looking for even more new people to become part of this great group. So when you are coming out to one of our workdays or other projects, why not bring a friend along.

Also if you have not had much time to come out and volunteer lately we hope you can find some time in the near future to take part in something we are up to. I know that everyone is not into the same things and getting filthy dirty working on a motorcar or getting paint all over you while we paint the station may not be your idea of a fun day out. So we also offer you the chance to car host on a train ride, its not too hard and heck, you get to ride a train all day.

Whatever you choose to do when you come out is up to you. If we are working at the station and heavy lifting is not part of what you can do, you could always help in many other ways. Just the other day we could have used a free set of hands to do things like get screws or nails to the people who were building the closet in the new addition. Or when we are painting the station or motorcars someone to help with tarps or hold ladders or countless other things can make the day go easier and faster for those people doing the painting.

The long and the short of this is that when we work together we can do great things. Just look at what we have been able to do over the last 17 years. Volunteers did it all and along the way we met some great people, had some great times, raised countless thousands of dollars to help preserve railroad history and most importantly…we made a difference.

Remember our slogan, So close to railroading…Only the paycheck is missing. Now we can add to that building construction and landscaping too.

See you on the train and or at the station


President’s Comments 11-2010