We are getting closer and closer to December 4th and our 2010 version of our Santa Train. This years trips will leave from the Glen Rock Boro Hall station at 9:30am, 12 noon and 2:30 pm and we will have a 9-car train.

With the work being done on the station we are having to handle calls from our homes, which makes it a little more difficult for passengers to reach us, but so far it seems to be working ok. This is also making the job of answering the calls fall on the shoulders of only a few volunteers.

As always we are going to need a good crew of volunteers on December 4th to make the train run. With 9 cars we are looking for 4 Santa’s, 4 Mrs Clauss, 4 elves and 5 people to put on the other costumes. If you or anyone you know is willing to help please give call the station, 973-238-0555 and say you (or they) want to help.

In addition to those 17 people we will need 5 helpers to guide the costumed characters through the train.

Then we will also need up to 18 car hosts and 5 or 6 station / platform attendants. These volunteers help make the trip safe and enjoyable for everyone on board. Volunteer do not need to have any past experience as we put anyone who new with a veteran who knows what we need to do.

This project will be paying for the fence that will go around the station and the property we lease and will help pay for all of the other work we need to do at and around the station. Please volunteer to help because without you making the trips a success will be much harder.

See you all on December 4th.

Santa Train 2010….. HELP!!