2010 was a year of great progress in the Boonton Restoration Yard for the URHS. The volunteers completed the re-decking of the PRR flat car, and made great headway on priming the car. The addition of a fence around the yard created a secure working environment, and vandalism has appeared to stop. With the loss of the Lebanon storage site, Boonton now has an added 12 pieces of equipment. After some planning and rearranging, StarTrak wasted no time in getting to work restoring many pieces. With GG1 4879 getting new sheet metal, GG1 4877, RDG 284 and NJT 4253 all receiving final body work, painting began towards the end of the warm weather. 2011 will prove to be an even better year with the completion of at least four projects. Keep your eyes out for work session dates, and come lend a hand whenever possible.

Boonton Yard Update 2/2011