Mini DV Tapes – In addition to the two motorcar trip tapes, which were shown at the August meeting, I have copied four more tapes to DVD. Each tape takes about two hours to copy to a DVD.

Magazine indexes – Of the thirteen magazines in the collection, I now have workable indexes for 8 of them. Not all of them are complete (there are some years missing) but we will have something of value for our members to research. I am currently working on magazine number 9, Railroad Model Craftsman). Most of these indexes are created by copying data from the back Issues descriptions on the magazine’s website.

Last October, I got hit with a very bad computer virus, but am now back in business. I purchased a new computer and when I am able to, I will clean the old one and donate it to the VRA to use as a research tool for users of the Joseph K. Weber Memorial Library. This computer is older, and while I don’t expect it to be connected to the internet, there will be a list of VHS tapes, DVDs, Magazines and magazine indexes on it – along with other useful data, which can be copied over through a flash drive.

Joseph K. Weber Memorial Library Update 2/2011