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Subject: VRA motorcars on the Hudson Secondary
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2011 13:33:55 -0000
From: Chris Vitz
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Thanks for posting this. I was running my Fairmont M-19 that day. You can see me at the 6:40 spot on the video. A little more about the trip.

The gentleman running the ‘big blue car’ is Frank Eichenlaub, the General Manager of the M&NJ. He has been in the speeder hobby for nearly 10 years. His dad was running the car right behind him on the northbound trip and in front of him on the southbound.

As you can see in the video we had flagging teams in place at each crossing prior to us going thru the crossings. This allows us to safely cross the roadways without coming to a full stop. Speeders are designed to be insulated from setting off the gates and signals.

After Sugar Loaf we went north and ran down the Greycourt industrial. I never realized it was that long as it parallels the main and eventually ducks under it. We then backed out of the industrial and continued north.

We turned the cars at Sarah Wells Trail and backed up to Hudson Junction then we started our trip south. The weather was hit and miss. While in Sugar Loaf it was sunny but after leaving Greycourt it clouded up and rained. We got out of the rain on our return to Sugar Loaf.

Just after passing the photo spot in your last clip we stopped by the L&HR headquarters for some photos, but it is so overgrown between the building and the track we had to walk pretty far south to get both the building and speeders in view.

All in all, it was a great day and we hope it is the first of many trips on the M&NJ. We also have a trip scheduled for the fall to run the Walden and Montgomery Branches out of Campbell Hall.

Thanks again for posting the video.


Chris Vitz,
Volunteer Railroaders Association trip Coordinator.


— In orangecountyrails@yahoogroups.com, “Marty Feldner” wrote:
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> > With the M&NJ now operating the Hudson Secondary, this year’s VRA spring
> > run on the NYS&W’s Southern Division went beyond Pelton Road for the
> > first time on May 21, they set on at Sparta and ran to ‘new’ Hudson
> > Junction and back. That same weekend was Sugar Loaf’s Spring Festival,
> > so on the way north they stopped there for a couple of hours – 22 motor
> > cars parked next to the L&HR’s former East Chester station
> > (now Ann-Marie’s Country Deli) and former L&HR caboose 10.
> >
> > I posted three clips on YouTube, if anyone is interested:
> >
> > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwSmpQI4hJg
> >
> > Marty Feldner
> >
> > KC2DPC
> > email- feldner@…
> > A Lehigh & Hudson River Ry. Scrapbook- http://LHR.railfan.net
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