I would like to add to what Matt said regarding the road side signs. We need to keep in mind when putting them out that this is political campaign season and so there are countless signs out there for that purpose. We need to make sure that we do not put our signs in places where they will get lost in the mass of other signs. Traditionally we put our signs at or very near railroad crossings, which not only keeps them away from most other signs it also helps them stay around longer because of the railroad theme. Also there are many towns that do not allow signs to be put up in their towns, Charles and Matt will post those towns on the white board at the station along with the towns we need to hit.

Over the years I have put out a majority of the road side signs and banners but with my new job in PA that is not going to be the case this year. So please come out and help get the signs out and make up for the gap I left behind.


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We must start putting signs out to start advertising our train. Next Tuesday, November 1, will be the “Signage” night during the regular ticketing hours (6-8pm) where you may come to pick up road and paper signs. If you would like to pick up signs tonight or this weekend, please contact me by email and we will make arrangements.

These signs are critical to our success, and we need everyone to pitch in and put some out. I will be at the station tonight from 6-8pm and on Sunday from 12-2pm.

Matt Phalon
Volunteer Railroader’s Association
Santa Train Chairman

Santa Signs