Well, it finally happened. On Monday, October 31, 2011, (Halloween) a crew descended bright and early on our beloved station, and began ripping the heck out of the roof. They hacked and pounded, and tore until there was nothing left of it.

Surprise, surprise, upon totally removing the existing shingles, it was discovered that the existing substrate (that’s wood to the uninitiated) was mostly in excellent condition. We needed to replace about twenty square feet of board, but the major portion of the roof was in great shape (and didn’t need any work – hooray!). Not bad for a 117-year-young building. An old unused stack was removed as part of the work, thereby eliminating a potential future leak site. The ‘gingerbread molding’, and spire on the East end were removed and saved for future consideration.

Any future penetrations in the roof could void our warranty! The new work started with nine feet of water and ice shield, followed by a layer (on all other surfaces) of fifteen pound felt. (If anyone wants to know specifics on materials used, feel free to ask me.) Then, new period-style shingles were installed. Of course, during the installation, the railroad which – we had closed – had to be reopened briefly to allow a local, staffed by our own Steve Geritsen, to use the runaround located west of the station and return thru our work area (some guys will do anything for attention) which had a tremendous impact on our work (just kidding, we still love you Steve).

A visit to the station will reveal that the ends of the roof have been left exposed. The original station had clapboard in this area, and in the interest of maintaining a degree of historical accuracy, we will be installing matching clapboard in these areas. All in all, another great day at the station preserving the history of the NYS&W. We can all take pride in the work that we have all worked so hard to accomplish!

All photos by Frank Ball.

Hawthorne Station Has A New Roof