This year’s Santa train will take place on December 3rd out of the Wayne-Route 23 Transit Center with an 8-car train and will run, like in year’s past, at 9:30 am, 12 noon, and 2:30 pm and run west to Dover and back. Along the way, we will be passing the West Boonton Yard, the restoration site for the United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey.

 This year’s committee consists of myself as the Chairman working alongside with Charles Smith, KC Smith, Frank Ball, Steve Gerritsen, Betsy Newbury as our Crew Caller and Kevin Rebner as our Character Coordinator being assisted by Andrea Rebner.

 Thank you to Charles for heading up our Marketing with putting out a majority of our road signs and banners, KC for taking care of our newspaper and internet advertising, Betsy for getting our crew roster filled up weeks in advance, Kevin for getting our characters in line, and Mike O’Toole for getting our website updated and running. This year, our ticketing office hours are Tuesday 6-8pm and Sunday 12noon-2pm. I encourage you all to join in and help to do our office hours.

 This train is shaping up to a great success. At the time of this writing, we are still short two Santa’s. Each Santa will be in charge of two cars in the train, for a total of four Santa’s on the train, and without the Santa’s, we have no Santa train! Please help ask everyone and anyone you know if they would like to be Santa and help put smiles on the faces of over 2,000 people and help make their Christmas a little more special. This train will be here before we know it!

Santa Train 2011