Date: November 17, 2011 Location: Saint Clement's Church, Hawthorne, NJ Call to order: 7:17pm Minutes Recorded by: Matt Phalon, Secretary

President's report: (KC Smith) Full slate of officers to vote for. Change is good. Move in a new direction, or where ever the new board decides to move. We are still here, can always be reached.

Vice President's Report: Charles Smith: No report.

Treasurer: Voted to move $5k back to JKW at October Board Meeting. Savings $2600, checking $6000. Not counting Santa train income. Motion made by Charles Smith to accept report, seconded by Carolyn Hoffman.

Secretary: August 2011 minutes distributed. Motion by Paul Trabert to accept report, seconded by Steve Gerritsen.

Santa Train – Matt Phalon Date: December 3, 2011 Location: Wayne-Route 23 Transit Center Times:   9:30am, 12 noon, 2:3pm

Committee: Chairman: Matt Phalon Crew Caller:  Betsy Newbury Character Coordinator: Kevin Rebner Signs/Banners/Ticketing: Charles Smith Internet Advertising: KC Smith Other Assistants: Frank Ball, Carolyn Hoffman, Justin Kerstner, Steve Gerritsen and Andre Rebner.

Update:    All train crew and parking lot crew is filled as well as all characters and helpers thanks to the hard work of Kevin Rebner and Betsy Newbury. At time of meeting, we are still in need of two Santas. Please contact Kevin Rebner or Matt Phalon if you know of someone to play Santa. Station office hours for ticketing at Tuesday from 6-8pm and Sunday from 12-2pm. Please contact Matt Phalon or Charles Smith if you are able to be at the station on either of those days. Matt is usually there on Tuesdays and Charles on Sundays, and Justin and Carolyn have also assisted in covering station hours. To those interested in learning what it takes to run excursions, please come and work with us during office hours at the station. Any and all are welcomed to do so, and the extra help is greatly appreciated.

Hawthorne Station – Frank Ball: Roof is on the top of the building. Gables/end pieces haven't been done yet. Going to get price for cedar shake shingle. Asked contractor to deliver material a few days in advance so we can paint it. Gingerbread is going to be replaced. Look at gutters in the spring.

Pavers – Charles Smith: Place order on Monday for bricks and pavers after double checking all orders for spelling.

Yard Sale – Carol Smith: Thanks to everyone who helped. Raised ~$1700. Still have a few things to sell (eBay?) Got a lot of donations from VRA members and Hawthorne community. And we sold the dragon head!!

Benches – Frank Ball: Price tomorrow (11/18). Go ahead to get three benches made. Benches are going to be 6 feet wide.

Landscaping – Kevin Smith: Fertilized grass. Mulch in the spring. Fertilize shrubs now and again in March. Replace mulch by street side of station with rock from the paths on the former station site. Kevin will look at different suppliers for pricings and possible donation.

Motor Car Trips – KC Smith: Successful run on Stourbridge and M&NJ. Southern Division trip only ran to Snufftown Road. Chris Vitz got into an accident and totaled his car while trying to deliver sandwiches to Sparta. VRA offered to pay 25% to NYSW (due to only running 25% of the trip) and the NYSW waived the fee completely.

Newsletter – Matt Phalon & Mike Goralski: More pictures, more article submissions MUST be sent in. All articles are due on the 1st of the month (February, May, August, November).

JKW Fund – KC Smith: Scranton train show-did not go due to snow storm. Jersey Central show is Sunday, March 4th at Mother Seton High School. Frank proposes to use one of the new display cases as a consignment case to sell stuff from members and have 10% of sale donated to VRA.

JKW Library – Paul Trabert: See report sent to Newsletter.

URHS Report – KC Smith: Building foundation has begun. Star Trak hopes to have the building up by the end of 2011. Swap Reading trucks with roller bearing trucks and donate current trucks under RDG to Whippany. CMSL is working to expand to Winslow Jct. URHS has been offered the first trip down to Winslow Jct. EastRAIL may return in 2012 in a substantial auditorium in north Jersey. URHS has come to the conclusion that a single site for a state museum will not happen, and take existing museums and tourist operations and make an umbrella group that cross promotes all of the museums and the places in the URHS. It is currently a work in progress. Equipment owned by URHS would be turned over to individual museums but still under the umbrella of the Heritage Museum.

Motor Cars – Steve Gerritsen: URHS car has nothing going on. MT-19 is getting new fuel filter and fuel lines. Woodings may have slight issues. Dave is keeping it for the winter and working on it. Brush car, A5, has a fuel tank on it and a fuel line. Mower deck needs to be retro fit for it. 40B is getting done this spring; getting prepped for paint during the winter and painted in the spring. Two cars bought from the M&NJ; A car needs a strip down and and rebuild. Bruch car is friken awesome; hand pump hydraulics, huge sickle bars, reporting marks were found, motor needs to be rebuild, sickle bar needs to be redone, has hydraulic turntable. Containers will be rearranged in Boonton for better access.

Election Nominations – KC Smith:

President: Steve Gerritsen Vice President: Charles Smith, Justin Kerstner Treasuerer: Andrea Rebner Secretary: Carolyn Hoffman Director: Mike O'Toole, Matt Phalon, Kevin Smith

Each nominee must write a paragraph about why they feel they are fit for the position.

Displays – Steve Gerritsen: Come up with schedule for displays and open houses. Come up with themes for displays.

Andrea – VRA joined Chamber of Commerce. Proposing to have banner made with VRA name on it.


Hawthorne Tree Lighting: VRA is going to be part of the Trolley bus tour around Hawthorne on December 2nd. Mrs. Claus and and Elf will be at the station for it. Carolyn Hoffman will be down on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to decorate more and is looking for people to help. Frank brought lights and a tree to put in the station. Frank Ball has also brought a train set to setup. Tree lighting is at 6:00pm preceded by a parade. Give away coloring books and mini candy canes. Start setting up at 4pm.

Easter Train – KC Smith: Hamptonburg Caboose Museum is looking to raise money to restore the caboose and the Middletown & New Jersey is looking for help to put M&NJ 44-tonner, #1 back in service. Sunday trip will run out of Middletown, NY and run east over Moodna Viaduct and back. This is a completely new market and both M&NJ and Hamtonburg have agreed to put out signs and banners–including one on an M&NJ locomotive. The profits from the Sunday train will be split between the two. For the volunteers, we will get picked up around Hawthorne/Radburn and ride up to Middletown.

Toys 4 Tots – Carolyn Hoffman: new site Running Saturday on NYS&W and Sunday on Morristown & Erie. Kevin Phalon agreed to be official photographer. Two teams of 3 or 4 people to work the ground on Saturday.

Adjournment: 9:03pm (Entertainment start)

November 17th ’11 Membership Meeting Minutes