2011 represents the third running of the US Marine Corps train in New Jersey. The Volunteer Railroaders Association has been a proud supporter of the effort every year. If anyone can make themselves available Saturday (12/10), you would be doing a service for a very special effort. For those that haven’t seen the train previously, here’s a few images from the 2009 running on the NYS&W (click images to enlarge them):

Camouflage box car Morristown & Erie RR 1775 crosses the Hackensack River.
(photo - Charles Smith)

Please visit http://www.toysfortotsnj.com/ for full schedule and drop off locations.

All volunteers will have full access to the train at all stops, including food, hot beverages, bathrooms, etc.  Each person will be given an ID with their name so if you’re willing to help we need to know ASAP.

Santa and the USMC at Hawthorne. (photo - Charles Smith)

Each volunteer will also be given the 2011 ball cap to designate them as Toys for Tots Crew along with their ID.

The Military Transport Association certainly makes an impact when they arrive 🙂 - Grand Avenue, Hawthorne, NJ. (photo - Charles Smith)

It may seem very obvious to say this but the US Marine Corps has done so much to keep our country safe and free.

Departing Wyckoff, NJ. (photo - Charles Smith)

The Toys for Tots program represents a rare opportunity for us to help them as well as making Christmas a little brighter for New Jersey’s less fortunate families.

Santa, the Marines, Wyckoff Fire Department and our engineer for the day - the VRA's first president Steve Weiss (orange gloves).
(photo - Charles Smith)

Dover & Rockaway RR (ex Central of NJ RR) Photos

Photos of the Morristown & Erie RR Toys for Tots train in 2010.

The Toys For Tots train comes into Dover on the ex-CNJ. Morristown & Erie business car OHIO RIVER (ex-L&N), camouflager boxcar, and two cabooses follow. photo - Gary R. Kazin
The Toys For Tots train comes into Dover on the ex-CNJ. Morristown & Erie business car OHIO RIVER (ex-L&N), camouflager boxcar, and two cabooses follow, with Santa on the rear platform. photo - Gary R. Kazin
Toys For Tots train receives donations in Dover on the ex-CNJ. photo - Gary R. Kazin
Carolyn Hoffman of the Volunteer Railroaders Association is an elf. photo - Gary R. Kazin
Santa hob-nobs while donations are loaded into the boxcar and Marines chat. photo - Gary R. Kazin
The Marines continue to visit with Santa. photo - Gary R. Kazin
Returning west, Santa and Carolyn from the VRA in the cupola. photo - Gary R. Kazin

More Toys For Tots Train Photos

More Toys For Tots train pictures (from 2010) Link leads to The Military Transport Association (MTA) website.

Even more photos http://www.modelrailroadforums.com/forum/index.php?threads/northern-nj-toys-for-tots-dec-11th.14586/

The rear of the Toys for Tots Train in Hawthorne, while its crew gets ready to take gifts for the needy.

A former Erie Caboose was part of the consist for the 2010 Toys for Tots Train.

Santa Clause sits on one of the upper berths of the Whippany Railway Museum owned caboose.

USMC Toys For Tots of NJ trains in 2011