The year 2011 was a very productive year for the URHS in the Boonton Restoration Yard.  Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 #4877 received its as-delivered, Brunswick Green, five-stripe paint scheme.

New Jersey Department Of Transportation E8 #4253 has a fresh coat of blue and silver,

and former Chicago & North Western / New Jersey Transit F7 #424 has been painted to represent a Reading F7 with the number 284.

Two of the hospital cars used by Star Trak as an office and shop were prepped to get army colors.

A General Electric 45-ton locomotive was delivered to the yard as well. Owned by Liberty Historic Railway, it will be repaired and repainted by Star Trak.


At the end of 2011, work began on constructing a shop building that will cover two tracks and will make the restoration much easier and faster since there will be no weather constraints.

Boonton Restoration Shop Roof Member Staging

When the shop is completed in 2012, Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 #4879 and New Jersey Transit E8 4326 will be worked on and restored.

New Jersey Transit E8 4326

I look forward to setting up an Open House for this year so look for a date in the future. (All photos this page – Larry Gross)

Boonton Restoration Yard Update