Call to Order – 7:30 pm

President’s Report (Steve Gerritsen) – Thanks for coming. Since last meeting we have run the Easter train, did rather well. Finally got the benches in thanks to KC Smith & Frank Ball. Work is being done on the ends of the station. We raised $460 at the Townwide Garage Sale.

Secretary’s Report (Carolyn Hoffman) – Motion to approve the minutes from last meeting – Motion by KC Smith, seconded by Matt Phalon. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report (Andrea Rebner) – Need to balance statements. JKWeber – $7051.63 Savings – $2616.34. Checking (without balancing) $25,000. Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report – Made by Jon Berkemeyer, Seconded by Matt Phalon, passes unapposed.

Yard Sale – Jon Berkemeyer – Thank everyone who was there, raised $460 total. Thank you to donations, Chris Abbood, KC Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Berkemeyer, etc. Good day, good weather, lots of help. May look into doing one in the fall again, Jon Berkemeyer is willing to handle again.

Easter Bunny Train – Carolyn Hoffman & Matt Phalon – Came very close to selling out with total of 4200 tickets sold. Had one scheduling issue Sunday, first train was much too short. Transit is aware and will be handled. Will have to structure character meeting a little better for next year, some characters did whatever they wanted. Some discussion on meeting with characters a week before as a briefing. KC Smith suggests the drama department in HW HS and see if anyone will volunteer. (Mrs. Hackett) Charles Smith mentions Andrew Murphy who is a scout leader.

KC – Advertising – Electronic Billboard prices? Jon Berkemeyer to handle contacting Clear Channel about billboards.

Ticket Turle replacement (Mike O’Toole) – Most ticketing systems have drop down to choose where they heard about the train. Carolyn Hoffman to follow up with Whippany Museum on their system that the board hasn’t seen a presentation on.

Hawthorne Station – Justin Kerstner – KC Smith had a nice plaque made up for Charlie Roselius Outstanding Service award, now hung in station. Have 11 more spots to fill in names. Benches came today, one has plaque for Van Ry. Shanti ordered a bench, plaque ordered. Frank Ball started painting the shingles today. Steve Gerritsen will be down Saturday morning (5/19/12) to hang the shingles. Need more help painting as well. Justin Kerstner is in the process of talking to landscapers about redoing the front park area. KC Smith strongly suggest putting locking storage outside for things like propane tank, lawnmower, etc. May need to write to railroad regarding structure outside of fence line. Spring/Summer photos needed to refresh the pictures in the station.

Motorcars – Steve Gerritsen – MT19 and Woodings used in Cape May. MT19 got a carb cleanout, alternator worked fine. There is a paper gasket/seal which needs to be looked at, probably need a rebuild kit. Woodings ran fine. Started laying track inside new container. Floor in Sea Train container needs to be finished, Star Trak will be doing that. Will have another work day in Boonton soon.

URHS/Boonton – Working on open house in Boonton on September 16th. Art Studio next door is interested. Work session in Boonton Yard 5/19/12 noon to whenever. Charles Smith suggests a promo photo.

URHS/Tuckahoe – (KC Smith) Pinelands Commission and town of Tuckahoe is interfering with the joint CMSL/URHS building and have a transportation lawyer involved.

JKW Library – Paul Trabert is not here, bound many volumes of magazines. Still working on more. Board authorized him to buy more binders.

Old Business

Santa Train – Jersey Central/Tri-State advertising/sign/trip splits. Charles Smith to print Reconciliation Report for JC. Andrea Rebner has info on signs. Advertising- Tri-State ran one extra Santa week, 1st just Bergen (ours) last is Morris County (Tri-State). 4 groups with phone number for Santa, only us for Easter.

Easter Train – Donations to M&NJ and Hamptonberg Caboose Museum, we made a commitment to donate to these groups. $3000 to go to Hamptonberg Caboose. Frank Eichenlaub with M&NJ would like a work party to help paint the M&NJ caboose & we will donate the VRA’s old Johnson NY container.

Charles Smith – O&W Society coming up on 50 yr anniversary – they are looking to donate as well. Charles Smith should put them in touch with Frank Eichenlaub to paint M&NJ engine – Steve Gerritsen will pass info to Frank Eichenlaub.

Charles Smith – Pavers are here and in. One more order to do. Charles Smith said he would like to transition the orders processing to the VRA board. New form on, also examples of graphics.

New Business

CMSL (KC Smith) – They are interested in running 7 day a week motorcar operation from Cape May station to bridge at the intracoastal waterway (2 miles). Request most likely will be that we supply 2 or 3 motorcars to this operation and be paid for use of the cars. Also, 2 trailers in Boonton to be between cars to carry passengers. There is very specific info in federal guidelines on motorcars with trailers and passengers. Trailers must have an “emergency brake” to stop car. Will discuss a cable system to link brakes on motorcar to trailer cars. Do we want to get involved in this? Operators will have to be rules qualified (NORAC). Kevin Smith asks about maintenance, will they maintain or do we? Have to discuss payment, etc. Cape May Point Branch would be available to us as well for runs. Mike O’Toole – is it excepted track? No, we’re fine. What about insurance? Will be Cape May Seashore Lines insurance, will have to have a NORAC instructor as well for operators. Moving to authorize KC Smith to represent the VRA in motorcar operations over the CMSL, Seconded by Mike O’Toole – Passes, one nay.

Andrea Rebner – Picnic for Easter Train? – Yes we will do that again. Saturday June 9th.

Charles Smith – Victorian Christmas – Sat. June 30th – Historical Reinactment, Saturday June 16th trip to Philly. New movie – More info to come when times are released.

Farmers Market – Will we have station open? Yes, need people cover station.

Charles Smith Presented a proposal for working with pet adoption groups to allow them to show their animals as well as letting us do something for the community.

Justin Kerstner– Church Tables – 7 tables now in our basement. Donation of $10 per table to be made to St. Clement’s to purchase tables.

St. Clements Church They want to do more with the VRA. VRA will add $5 donation to brick order for Cross logo. We need to discuss a future joint function with St. Clement’s.

Update Fliers (tri-fold single 8.5×11 page) – (Justin Kerstner) We can do a very nice color handout for minimal money. Matt Phalon’s father (Joe) willing to do posters. Andrea Rebner suggests to make up Santa fliers now.

URHS Report – (KC Smith) The URHS is slowly working on Railroad Heritage Trail to list trains/rides/railroad related museum sites in NJ.

Service Award Plaque – Need criteria for award in the future. Board should set up something to recognize a “Member of the Year” every year. Will create a “write in” to send to general membership. May also post on website for vote. Should be announced in quarterly newsletter.

Motion to Adjourn – 9:28 pm

May 2012 general meeting minutes