August 2012 General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order – 7:13 pm

President’s Report (Steve Gerritsen) – Station work – ends of roof to be done soon. New bricks were laid.

Secretary’s Report (Carolyn Hoffman) – Motion to approve the minutes from last meeting – Motion by Matt Phalon, seconded by KC Smith, Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report (Andrea Rebner) – $2,618.50 – Savings. $6,057.42 – JKW. Checking approx – $8,400. Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by Matt Phalon. Seconded Paul Trabert, passed unanimously.

Hawthorne Station – Steve/Justin –


Roof – Taylor Rental doesn’t have a hydraulic lift that fits our needs. Frank Ball has done research and found that we can purchase brackets in which we can mount to the roof and use 2x10s, 16 feet in length to span across the brackets. We will then have a sturdy way to stand and lay the roof. The prices are $13.29 for 4 brackets and $17.45 for the lumber. The total price for this project will be less than $100. It was approved for Frank to purchase the materials.

Gutters – We need to purchase gutters for the station. On Wednesday night there was a bad storm and when Justin went in the basement to check for water, he found water pouring in over the beam on the track side. Water is pooling outside due to no gutters. We need to use the down spouts to direct water away from the foundation.

Grounds – Justin has been in touch with a landscaping company 5th Ave LLC, that will be getting us some lay outs for the ground work. We have basically two options; 1) we can create an outline shaping the old outline of the station. 2) Use the old foundation bricks to line the grounds.

Bricks – Same one needs to take over the brick orders from Charles. This person should be someone who is at the station regularly, so that new orders can be picked up and placed and the delivered bricks can be brought into the station and placed. Steve Gerritsen agreed to take it on, however and the end of the meeting Ally Smith spoke with Steve and would like to be trained on the brick orders and take on this ongoing project. We also had 9 completed bricks come in, one of which had a spelling error and will have to be redone. These bricks were placed in the ground before tonight’s meeting.

Curtains – The new curtains have been ordered and have arrived. All of the curtains and hardware needed is now in the station and will need to be hung up.

Farmer’s Market – We need to market the station more during the Farmer’s market on Sundays. The customers can utilize our facilities as well as look around at the displays in the station. Kevin Rebner has agreed to be at the station on Sunday’s, so the station can be open to the public. He will start this Sunday 8/19.

Station Traffic – “How do we bring in more people” – Mike O’Toole suggests having a community interest e-mail sent to the Chamber of Commerce and other businesses telling them what we have going on at our station. This is to help make more people aware of what we are doing and our upcoming events. We need some ideas that will interest the general public, not just rail fans. These ideas should help bring the railroad history to life. The displays need to be rotated quarterly. It was also mentioned that we could have events where live bands play which will appeal to a broader crowd of people. KC has agreed to set up these music nights at the station.

Library -Paul Trabert – Rail Pace is complete. Motion made to purchase all issues of “Trains Magazine”, total cost $150. Motion made by Andrea Rebner, seconded by Mike O’Toole, passed unanimously.

Website – Mike O’Toole is loading all newsletters as posts with pictures. An e-mail will be sent requesting pictures of trips and for any missing newsletters.

Motor Cars – Steve Gerritsen – The MT19 and the Woodings have been leased to Cape May Seashore Lines. A group went down a few weeks ago to deliver the cars and got to ride 2-3 mile trip. We hope to finish the work on the 40B soon.

URHS Report: Steve Gerritsen

Open House Sunday September 16thVolunteers are needed. If you want to volunteer please let the board know, so we can make sure all jobs are covered. Please sign up sooner rather than later. A sheet will be passed around after the meeting.

Work days – Last Sunday a few members went to Boonton and had a display set up announcing the open house date and fliers were handed out. Saturday 8/18 – Sand blast B&O engine.

Old Business

New Ticket System – Dynamic Ticketing Solutions (same system Whippany uses) A WebEx presentation can be set up for a Thursday or Friday evening.

Toys 4 Tots – St. Clements Church office will be used as a drop off location; open on Thursday nights. Tristate and Jersey Central will be collecting toys on their Santa Trains. Whippany will be a drop off location. We will advertise on our Santa Train and have a box out on the platform for toy collection. A 10th car will be added to the Santa train specifically to hold the toys. Saturday Dec. 8th NYSW side Maywood – Butler. We are hoping to add Oakland as a stopping point. Dead run to Warwick; Sunday Dec. 9th MNJ to run from Warwick to Middletown.

Santa Train – Saturday, December 1st – Matt Phalon and Betsy Newbury to be Co-Chairs. Steve Gerritsen has a map of the road signs and Matt Phalon will be submitting the list he has for the flyer locations. The train will be run out of Glen Rock running east to Secaucus NJ. As previously mentioned a 10th car will be added for Toys 4 Tots collections. KC Smith mentions that we should try to get some Marines to come out the day of the Santa Train and be on the platform to meet with riders and help collect toys. Kevin Rebner will be the Character Coordinator working with Betsy Newbury who will be Crew Caller and overseeing and assigning all crew and platform assignments.

New Business

MNJ – Middletown/New Jersey Railroad needs help painting their caboose. It will be Yellow with a blue stripe. There will be a work party set up for Saturday, 9/22 – Matt Phalon and KC Smith has signed up so far.

Yard Shed – Steve Gerritsen will be getting an old signal cabinet. Also, if we help clear weeds and vines by mile post 13 the NYSW will give us an old crossing signal which is laying there. We can bring it to the station and set it up.

Joe Weber Sr.- Joe has had another surgery to correct his ongoing foot problems. He is at Barnett Hospital in Paterson RM 305 and will be there till mid October. He welcomes visitors and we would like to get him some things to keep him busy. We will be loaning movies from our station library as well as purchasing some WWII / Jet Plane DVD’s for him to watch. Charles has already researched and found a DVD pack of WWII planes and will be purchasing it for Joe.

Hickory Creek – On the weekend of 9/15 – 9/16 the Hickory Creek will be taking a paying family up to Montreal. This is a one way trip, so anyone interested in meeting up with the train on the way back can ride for free. 21 people max – The trip is free, however you must make your own arrangements to meet the train. It will be on the South Bound Adirondack train. Please contact KC Smith for further details and possible meeting locations. Since the spots are limited please let KC as soon as possible to ensure a spot. Please notify no later than 9/9/12.

Victorian Christmas – This year we would like a Victorian Christmas theme to our station since the 1894 was the year it was opened. It was proposed that a 45 star flag be purchased to hang up in the station.

Hawthorne Day – Saturday, October 6th. It was agreed that we will participate again and Andrea will be signing us up and reserving a tent for $95; if we require electric that would be an additional $50. Hopefully we can get the same location as last year, in order to have a rail car parked along the fence. It will run from 12pm – 8pm volunteers are needed.

Motion to Adjourn – 8:44pm

August 2012 General Meeting Minutes