VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for URHS Open House in Boonton Sunday 9/16

Hello all! The URHS is holding another Open House in the Boonton Yard (100 Morris Ave) on Sunday, September 16.  Once again, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! 🙂

There will be set-up to be done Saturday during the day:  Tables, Chairs, grills, food prep., etc.  Then Sunday we need people to be available to cook & serve food, man the yard and equipment, greet visitors, etc.  If you are available one day or even part of the day we would love you see you!

Please email us with any availability you may have as we need to have name tags for the Volunteers on Sunday.  Please let us know by Wednesday so we have time to prepare.

This should be a lot of fun and a great publicity for all the groups involved in the URHS.  Hope to see a lot of you there!

Pete Haslerpe774@aol.com and Frank Reillyftr4444@hotmail.com

PS:  You DO NOT need to to be a member of any URHS group to volunteer!  (PS added by VRA webmaster) MORE INFO

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for URHS Open House Sunday 9/16