Photos by Frank Ball

On October 25, 2012, Steve Gerritson, Kevin Smith, and Frank Ball descended upon our favorite station to work on the gable ends of the roof. After a quick morning trip to Home Depot (assisted by Charles Smith) to pick up a required 2 X 10 X 16 foot plank to use as a work surface, we began to develop our plan. After much head scratching, we mounted the plank on roof brackets which we previously installed on the roof slope.

Hawthorne Station Roof December 2013

Steve and Frank then climbed the ladders and mounted themselves on their precarious perch while Kevin prepared himself for the all important ground work. Stainless steel flashing was installed first, and then installation of cedar shingles began. (Thank goodness we painted the shingles first!). After a bit of a learning curve for all involved, work proceeded at a good pace with the east end of the station completed by the end of the day.

Frank on Hawthorne Station Roof

As the photos show, the end result is quite pleasing. While our initial hope was to complete both ends of the roof in one day, it wasn’t to be. Time, the hot sun, and sore legs precluded doing more than the east end. Accordingly, there will be another work session to do the west end of the building. If anyone is interested in becoming a roofer in training, let us know. We can always use another pair of hands. You will go home tired and sore, but the station will thank you!

Hawthorne Station December 2012 update