VRA Membership Meeting – November 15, 2012

Call to Order – 7:15 pm

President’s Report – Did some work to the station recently, Frank Ball, Steve & Kevin Smith.  Not able to run Santa Train due to NJT damage.  Will be running Toys for Tots December 8, 9, & 15.

VP’s Report – Will discuss with other business

Treasurer’s Report – Savings, $2600, $6000 in JKWeber, Checking $607.90. Board approved moving up to $5000 out of JKWeber fund if needed to cover operating expenses being that we aren’t running our Santa Train.  Need to find copies of old invoices for Tri-State.  Santatrain.net and Easterbunnytrain.net web sites renewed. KC asks how much is still outstanding in accounts receivable. May not have to move anything out of JKWeber fund.  KC Smith makes motion to approve Treasurer’s report, seconded by Matt Phalon, approved unanimously.

Secretary’s Report – KC makes a motion to approve the Secretary’s report as submitted, seconded by Matt Phalon, passes unanimously.

Committee Reports

Santa Train – Canceled due to NJ Transit Damage. DTS will refund all tickets, no fees charged.  Carolyn will contact North Jersey Media.  All signs and banners should be down, if you see anything please grab them.

Toys for Tots – Shaping up to be a great year. Hawthorne is excited, Boys & Girls Club involved. Will be looking for volunteers for ground/stations again.

Hawthorne Station – Frank, Kevin Smith, Charles Smith & Steve Gerritsen installed shingles on east side of the building.

Pavers – Justin – 2 need to be ordered due to misprints on bricks.

Benches – Andrea – Spoke to freight company, will place order for new set and freight shipper will make all arrangements.

PSE&G – Had one very high bill, Andrea tried to call and couldn’t get very far, will go down there to see them.

Cable/Phone – Cablevision had to come out and replace modem and lines to poles.

Station door on Royal Ave side has been fixed.

Hawthorne Tree Lighting – Need short curtains done.  Decorating day on Saturday November 24, 2012.  Justin is working on LED Christmas lights. Tree lighting November 30th.  Mayor’s Office asked if there would be a layout & we will provide.

Santa Visit – Have Santa visit the station on December 1st as a Toys for Tots Drive. Bring a new unwrapped toy & sit on Santa’s lap and take pictures.  Use as an opportunity to publicize Operation Toy Train the next week.  Carolyn will send emails to past riders.

Displays – Anyone have any ideas for displays?  Matt & Justin have changed some pictures.  Carolyn will keep trying to contact Jackie from Hawthorne Historical Society

Newsletter – Due to Hurricane Sandy and lack of articles there will be a Holiday Edition.  New deadline November 24th, Matt will post to Yahoo group.

JK Weber Fund – Steve will be looking into Clark show on Sunday March 3, 2013.

JK Weber Library – New addition to Library.  Old copies of VRA Digest to be scanned to website then put in binders.  KS & Mike O’Toole suggest looking into shelving for under windows with spaces at bottom for heat/AC returns.

URHS Report –  KC – There is a URHS meeting Saturday in Philipsburg.  Will be inspecting equipment in Gilbert which has been sitting 20 yrs.  Some will be scrapped, some may be moved if locations can be found.  The E-unit (Future B&O 98) – out of money for restoration.  About $10,000 to get it painted.  If URHS decides to complete there will probably be a request to the member organizations for donations.  GG1 has plenty of money left in grants.  There is a renewed interest in a combined “Steam Boat/Steam Train” trip, that will be discussed. Boonton Open House September 16th – 2000 to 3000 people there, URHS basically broke even for the day.  There were no complaints from the public at all.

Radios – No update


A5 mower car – We believe it may have sustained more damage than originally thought from CMSL.  Frame is bent, pretty sure it has bent axle.  Break shoe was “borrowed” from another car.

Woodings is out of the container and in a volunteer’s garage at CMSL.

40B – Had a work day to prep and sand, can be sandblasted.  Frank was able to trace off numbers and we need to make into a stencil.

Elections – Paul – Have a full ballot so far. Justin is running for President, KC for Vice President, Andrea re-election as Treasurer, Carolyn Hoffman as Secretary.  Frank Ball is running for Director.  KC must step down from Election Committee as he is running for VP.  Steve Gerritsen will step in on committee. Each nominee should send a short statement on why you should be voted for.  Motion to close ballots made by Paul Trabert, seconded by Gary Kazin, passes unanimously.

Old Business –

Owney Day – Charles – Have some interested parties, will be working on something for the spring possibly.

Wrigley’s Machine – American Restoration wanted $2200 to refurb machine, plus out of pocket for travel twice out and back.  We suggested alternative options but the production company was not interested.  As of right now it is in the station.  Will continue to look into cosmetic restoration.

NYS&W donated a semaphore to URHS, Steve was approached by track department because another group is interested.  Needs a copy of letter that it was donated to URHS and they will drop it off.

New Business

Whippany Railway Museum got hit very hard by Sandy.  One shed almost destroyed, ticket booth knocked over.  Will be having a work day on November 17 to clean up.

Food Donation – Allyson Smith has been making phone calls to find out what relief efforts needed.  Reached out to Red Cross in Fairfield, they need non-perishable food items for food pantry in Hillside, NJ Community Food Bank.  Need all non-perishables, baby supplies, etc.  Andrea – Hawthorne HS Marching Band is collecting for South Jersey.  St. Clements is very active in 3 different food pantries, a battered women’s shelter and an animal shelter.  Would be great opportunity for VRA to pair with St. Clements on a project.  Need to get word out ASAP, can be held in conjunction with decorating day.  KC mentions that we should keep the focus on Sandy victims.

Motion to Adjourn – Carolyn Hoffman – 9:39 PM

VRA Membership Meeting – November 15, 2012