Binding of Railpace is now complete.

The following is a list of magazines in the JKW Library. Following each magazine is the number of issues of that magazine in the library. After that is the number of binders which would be needed to contain these issues. A letter “B” indicates that they are already in binders.

CTC Board                   106   9
Diesel Era                  61    B6
Extra 2200 South            64    B10
Model Railroader            290   B24
Model Railroading           13    1
Pacific Rail News           135   13
Railfan & Railroad          239   25
Railpace                    283   B25
Railroad Explorer           16    B2
Railroad Model Craftsman    50    7
Railroad Press, The         26    3
Short Line, The             34    B2
Trains                      341   B33

Andrea & Robert Rebner have added Classic Trains magazine to the library. There are 48 issues from 2000 to
2009 and they are all contained on one DVD.

We have added Trains Magazine on DVD to the library. There are 70 years of Trains contained on 2 discs.

Joseph K. Weber Memorial Library