1. Call to Order – 7:11 pm
  1. Elections Results – Paul Trabert & Steve Gerritsen – Sent out 43, received 25 back. Director – Frank Ball 15, Matt Phalon 10 – Frank Ball New Director. Justin Kerstner 23 votes for President, KC Smith 24 votes for VP, Andrea Rebner 23 votes for Treasurer (Carol Smith 1 vote), Carolyn Hoffman 23 votes for Secretary. Paul willing to be Election Chair again for next year.
  1. President’s Report – (Steve Gerritsen – Thank you for the opportunity, very up & down. We made the best of it, made headway with the station. Wish new Exec Committee & board best of luck). Justin Kerstner – Thank you for opportunity to lead, many positive things coming up. Will need everyone’s help.
    1. Member of the Year Award – Members give their time, but several go above and beyond. This year award goes to Frank Ball. Frank thanks everyone and states that many give a lot of time but he appreciates it greatly.
    2. Easter Train – Andrea printed several hundred, members are encouraged to take and place wherever possible. Some road signs and banners still in the station.
  1. VP’s Report – KC Smith – Met Frank Ball at a friend’s house, saw him at Boonton and suddenly Frank was heavily involved. Instrumental in the station move and many projects, very proud & honored to have him not only in the VRA but as a friend as well. I am back in this position mostly because no one else stepped forward. Does not want to continue to be the person everyone turns to, wants to see us encourage others to step up and take charge. Must work on expanding our membership base as well.
  1. Treasurer’s Report – Savings – $2622, JK Weber – $6163.10, Checking – $1908.53. KC comments that the amounts seem low, what have paid? $800 to NJ Transit, $800 to North Jersey Media Group. Tri-State is up to date now. JK – CMSL owes no more money. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report – Steve Gerritsen, Seconded by Matt Phalon, passes unanimously.
  1. Secretary’s Report – Old minutes have been updated and added to Yahoo Group. Motion made by KC Smith to accept Secretary’s Report as submitted, Seconded by Steve Gerritsen. Passes unanimously.
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Easter Train – Justin – Must be cognisant that we are catering to our customers and must give them the best service possible to ensure we have their business again. Betsy is Crew Caller, what she says goes. She has a reason for placing people where she does and we have to abide by her decision. So far we are doing pretty well on volunteers, looking for parking lot people. Frank – We need to develop alternate ways to make money, we would be foolish to think that we can rely on NJT. Frank offers to run a brainstorming session – See new business. Rose called Matt today, they are running a train in May for a new group, would like us to help them with ticketing etc. KC offers to be at the station at 10 am Saturday, February 23 to do fliers.
    2. Toys for Tots – Very successful year once again. Trip over M&NJ generated more toys than expected. Will begin planning for 2013 much earlier and looking for help with getting support from local businesses.
    3. Hawthorne Station – Not too much going on during the winter. Frank Ball getting quotes for gutters & flagpole as well as cleaning the basement. Everlast quote, seamless gutters in teal – $3800. Egutter.com sells components, won’t be seamless, to do it ourselves would run about $1300-$1600. Will get another quote. Flagpole – Apollo Flag and Gates – 30’ installed from Apollo $2495, Gates $1790 (with flag). Kevin Smith asks about checking with railroad to make sure, KC and Steve feel that it wouldn’t matter as it doesn’t interfere. KC spoke with Nathan Fenno, he is very happy with what we have done and glad we are preserving. This year – HAVE to stain the benches or wood will go bad. Discussion on building a shed, we have most of materials already. Would house mower, grill, etc. Paul Trabert suggests we check municipal code as to height of flag pole.
    4. NewsletterNeeds to go out earlier. Matt just emailed to Mike to go on web site. 7 pages of content, 3 of pictures. Justin – Do we want to include meeting minutes? Printed copy to include, electronic not included as they are available on line. Brick Orders – All up to date, everything has been ordered/corrected.
    5. JK Weber Fund – Mother Seton March 3, will bring remainder of the collection, china, lanterns. Getting down to the end of the collection, will attempt internet sales. Brass to be listed on eBay.
    6. JK Weber Library – Paul Trabert – running out of room to put things. Will come in to get rid of duplicates and excess binders to open up room. Will continue to transfer camcorder tapes to DVD. Many magazines now becoming available on DVD.
    7. URHS Report – Bill Hoerkner passed, extremely instrumental in what the URHS accomplished. The Hickory Creek & #43 should be at Grand Central Terminal for National Train Day. There is an effort slowly progressing to establish a Heritage Trail across NJ for Railroad History to encompass many sites rail related. Will be put together as a trail map as well as online. Please send anything noteworthy which can be added. Site Committee back in session with a long list of possible museum sites. PATH Cars that have been in question which survived the collapse of the Twin Towers which we have been trying to get for URHS collection has been at a stalemate, still trying.
      1. CMSL Train – May 11 National Train Day event, proceeds to URHS, May 12 Mother’s Day with proceeds to VRA. This is a brand new event, need to get the word out through channels in that area. Take 2 LV F units and place them in prominent display for patrons to view. Train will run on Beesley Pt line, 3 trips to Richland & back (90 Minutes). Will need more people on the ground than in the train but will rotate.
    8. Radios – Justin – Recent change to narrow banding, old Motorola radios are now illegal. Yeasu radios are narrow band capable. Mike Goralski is in the process of getting us our own license for our own frequency.
    9. Motorcars – Woodings still in Cape May, Kevin Phalon & Frank Ball worked on the 40B several times & got tracings & pics of the lettering. Nothing much new with the other motorcars. If we can get 40B sandblasted and painted in April then we can show it at National Train Day on CMSL.
    10. Elections – Covered above
  1. Old Business – Nothing
  1. New Business – Other ways to raise money? Frank Ball has offered to run a brainstorming session. KC mentioned getting an ornament made to sell at holidays. Also discussed shirts, etc. Carolyn will look into Cafeexpress.com to order shirts.
    1. John Kroll – recruiting new members – What about cross recruiting in Boonton to help with the yard and be new members? We have motorcars there, would be a great spot to work. Membership waxes and wanes with activity, as we get more things going again we will see membership increase.
  1. Motion to Adjourn – KC moves to Adjourn – 9:15 pm.


VRA Membership Meeting Minutes – 2/21/2013