Operation Toy Train kicks off again on December 6 th with a trip up the NYS&W from Rochelle Park to Butler. The train will be parked in Hawthorne from 10:20 am to 11:00 am that morning.

Also that day is Hawthorne’s Santa Parade through town. The parade kicks off at 10 am and should be finishing near the Station at about 10:45. We are speaking with the Chamber of Commerce to find the best way to tie the two events together.

Donation of toys can be made at any of the stops listed here!

Also keep an eye out for news on upcoming projects! I am going to start using the Yahoo group HEAVILY for announcements and events. If your email is not updated please do so.

The VRA has some exciting things coming our way… Stay tuned!

Thank you all,

Carolyn Hoffman
VRA President

Some events the VRA is involved in