About the Volunteer Railroaders Association

The Volunteer Railroaders Association aka VRA is a non-profit all-volunteer group whose heart is into running fundraising Santa & Easter Bunny train rides and operating motor cars (aka speeders). To find our what trips we are running please click on the “Motor Car Trips” above. Our group had the honor of being the exclusive VOLUNTEER group for the Susquehanna 142 steam program in New Jersey in 1993 when we were known as the Susquehanna Volunteer Association.

When the NYS&W moved the program to New York the group was left with nothing to do. So we decided to run passenger trains for the enjoyment of the public and to raise funds for historic railroad related items. Since that time we have run many trips carrying THOUSANDS of people. Through these events we try and do all we can to help the URHS and the Friends of the NJ Railroad & Transportation Museum to create a State Transportation Museum.

In 1997 we changed our name to what it is today to better reflect what we are all about. It was also that year that we got involved in MOTOR CARS. We own and operate four motor cars aka speeders, including a one of a kind Lehigh & New England Railroad Sheffield 40B. We operate these motor cars for the enjoyment of our members and the public.

A story about the VRA that ran in the August 20th, 2009 edition of the Suburban News — ‘Cars keep working on the railroad’ 3 VRA members are quoted in the story.

Volunteer Railroaders Association Inc. is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation that also is Internal Revenue Service recognized as a non-profit under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our core values

Our mission is to raise funds for the restoration and preservation of and awareness about historic railroad right of way, rolling stock and other related items. Also to educate the public through our many events about the history and future need for railroad operations.

As a group we get involved in the operation of all sorts of railroad related projects. We run passenger trains, own and operate six motor cars and lease and maintain the historic New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad Hawthorne New Jersey station. We are heavily involved in the creation of the future New Jersey Transportation Museum through our membership in the NJ based United Railroad Historical Society. We ask that our members get involved.

More about the VRA

Volunteer Railroaders Association Inc., 80 Royal Avenue
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